Water Damage Photo Gallery

After Our Services

Water Remediation Services

SERVPRO of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia were called by the owner of this home after they experienced severe water damage. 

This is what the living room looked like after we cleared out the furniture, extracted the standing water, and dried the affected area. We also restored their furniture and put it back where it belonged. 

Drying Equipment

This bathroom and dining room suffered from a water loss after a toilet leak.  SERVPRO responded with drying equipment for mitigation.  The hardwoods had suffered from water damage.  The drying mats were put down to dry the hardwoods quickly to prevent further damages. 

Basement Mitigation

Flood cuts and professional drying equipment was placed in this basement after a water loss.   The flood cuts were performed to ensure the drywall was dried properly to ensure no future damages.  Dehumidifiers were put in place to ensure all the moisture was removed, keeping future damages at a minimum. 

Basement Water Damage

After a water loss the basement suffered from flooding.  SERVPRO responded to quickly begin mitigation.  Flood cuts were performed to dry quickly and prevent future damages.  The air movers and dehumidifiers were put in place to remove moisture and dry professionally. 

Kitchen Water Damage

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia arrived at this house with water damage to the kitchen. They immediately began getting the water off the floor to keep from damaging the floor. The damages were to the cabinets and ceiling. 

Large Water Damage in St. Charles

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia was called to this water damaged warehouse.  The water was causing significant damage to mattress inventory causing loss for the company. They immediately began water clean up and got the right equipment out for dry up.

Water damage cleanup

This picture is our team working on a water loss in St. Charles. We quickly extracted the water and got the drying equipment in place. After a few days the entire facility was dry and ready to reopen. 

Bell Graham Elementary School

This is a local elementary School in St. Charles, Illinois. SERVPRO of St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia received a call that several school rooms in this elementary school had flooded and were preventing lessons to continue until dried.

Barnes & Noble Schaumburg Illinois

This is a Barnes and Noble book store located in Schaumburg Illinois. SERVPRO received an emergency call on Friday evening and had the store cleaned and sanitized by that weekend to ensure store was up and running by Monday.

Commercial Flood Batavia Illinois

This is a picture of water loss in Commercial kitchen for senior living facility in Batavia Illinois. SERVPRO arrived and started extracting the water and used dryers to make sure the water was up off the floor and safe for employees.