Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage

SERVPRO has your mold needs covered.  Mold can spread quickly and can be in places you may never see.  SERVPRO has the right people trained and the right equipment ready for any of your mold needs. 

Severity of Mold

SERVPRO is called in any emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This is the aftermath of Mold damaging the ceiling after water damage. The teams are trained and knowledgeable of all treatments for mold.

Mold Damage to Ceiling

This is the result of water damage not getting cleaned in a timely manner and turning to mold.  SERVPRO specializes in getting damages cleaned up to prevent others.  The drywall in this room has to be tore down and treated.

Mold Containment

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia responded to this emergency with Mold.  The walls were covered in mold so the restoration team came in and tore drywall down and put plastic up on walls to contain the Mold to one room.

Bedroom Mold Damage

This is a bedroom with severe water damage that turned into Mold on the walls from the damage. It is critical for SERVPRO to contain the mold to help keep from spreading to other rooms of the home. 

Mold in Geneva, Illinois Home

This home had a water damage that was not tended to right away. When a home has too much humidity it can cause mold to grow, especially after a water loss.