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Protecting Your Home

Covering Contents

When your home experiences water damage on only one floor and other floors are unaffected, our team of restoration professionals will cover your personal belongings and furniture in the unaffected areas. 

We covered the belongings on the first floor of this home while we restored another floor that suffered from severe water damage

After Our Services

Water Remediation Services

SERVPRO of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia were called by the owner of this home after they experienced severe water damage. 

This is what the living room looked like after we cleared out the furniture, extracted the standing water, and dried the affected area. We also restored their furniture and put it back where it belonged. 

Basement Water Heater Fire

Severe Fire Damage

If your home has fire damage because of a water heater malfunction or grease fire, our team at SERVPRO is available to help with fire restoration. 

Restored by SERVPRO

Like-New Bedroom

Our team at SERVPRO of St. Charles restored this home after a fire wreaked havoc throughout the property. This bedroom was covered in debris, soot and smoke damage. We restored this bedroom, making it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration

Residential Rescue

This home in the St. Charles area suffered a severe fire. Our team at SERVPRO was able to restore this home quickly and thoroughly. This is the upstairs hallway after SERVPRO restoration services!

Demolition Phase

Restoration Process

This home suffered from severe fire damage after a basement fire. Because of the severity of the damage, we had to tear down and restore part of the structure. Our team at SERVPRO restored this home "Like it never even happened."

Basement Caught Fire

Laundry Fire

This home in St. Charles had a basement fire after a laundry mishap. The dryer caught fire causing smoke and soot damage in the entire basement. Our team at SERVPRO was on the scene immediately after the "all clear" was given. 

Bathroom Fire Damage

Local Fire Loss

Our team understands the frustration after a fire. We responded to the scene to find several rooms with soot, smoke and water damage. We use equipment and cleaning techniques to restore your property back to pre fire conditions.

Fire Damaged Garage

Fire Restoration Services

We have the right equipment for the job. We responded to a garage fire to find belongings with smoke and water damage after a fire. We were able to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Loss in St. Charles, IL

Fire loss in St. Charles, IL

This home suffered from a fire loss in St. Charles, IL.  No job is too big for our team. Our crews responded to quickly find soot and water damage and quickly start to pull salvageable content from the fire loss. 

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage in St. Charles, IL

SERVPRO of St. Charles/ Geneva/ Batavia has the right equipment for the job.  This commercial property suffered from significant water damage in St. Charles, IL.  We quickly responded with proper drying equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

Smoke Damage Basement

This facility in Chicago, IL suffered from a Fire loss leaving the entire building suffering from fire and water damage.  Our team quickly responded and quickly cleaned and restored the property back to pre fire loss. 

Chicago Fire Damage

This facility in Chicago, IL suffered from fire damage. SERVPRO of St. Charles/ Geneva/ Batavia responded to make it "Like it never even happened." We are the trusted leader in the restoration industry. 

Preventative Cleaning in St. Charles

Preventative Cleaning in St. Charles, IL

Our team provided preventative cleaning to equipment in this facility for COVID-19. Our technicians are IICRC trained and follow guidelines set by the CDC.  Give us a call for your commercial cleaning.

Basement Fire Damage

Multiple rooms in this home suffered from a fire loss.  The team at SERVPRO of St. Charles/ Geneva/ Batavia has professionals standing by for your fire and water restoration emergency. 

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House Fire Damage

This home suffered from a fire loss leaving behind smoke and water damage.  SERVPRO has professional cleaning techniques to restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

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Basement Water Loss

This basement suffered from a water loss from a pipe break in the ceiling.  The laminate flooring had significant water standing.  The team responded and quickly begin clean up, removing the water and put air movers in place for drying. 

Garage Water Leak

A leak in the plumbing in the garage ceiling caused water damage to the drywall and garage. SERVPRO responded and begin clean up procedures.  The drywall was removed and dried then the plumbing was able to be repaired.

Kitchen Damage

The kitchen ceiling suffered from a water leak.  The water was dripping onto the counters and furniture in the living room.  SERVPRO responded and begin covering the content of the home to protect from damages.

Ceiling Water Damage

The ceiling in this basement suffered from a water break in the ceiling. The drywall was cut out and there was significant amount of water running to the floor and behind drywall.

House Reconstruction

This home suffered from significant damage.  The roof had to be completely torn off on the back side of the home.  SERVPRO responded immediately to get the roof repaired quickly and the inside back to normal conditions.  

Drying Equipment

This bathroom and dining room suffered from a water loss after a toilet leak.  SERVPRO responded with drying equipment for mitigation.  The hardwoods had suffered from water damage.  The drying mats were put down to dry the hardwoods quickly to prevent further damages. 

Basement Mitigation

Flood cuts and professional drying equipment was placed in this basement after a water loss.   The flood cuts were performed to ensure the drywall was dried properly to ensure no future damages.  Dehumidifiers were put in place to ensure all the moisture was removed, keeping future damages at a minimum. 

Commercial Building Drying

After a water loss, SERVPRO responded immediately to begin clean up procedures.  The team used professional drying equipment and techniques to return to normal conditions.  The baseboards were removed and drywall dried to prevent mold from growing.

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial property suffered from a water loss.  There was significant amount of water on the floors.  SERVPRO brought in air movers to use to dry the area quickly to prevent future damages. 

Basement Water Damage

After a water loss the basement suffered from flooding.  SERVPRO responded to quickly begin mitigation.  Flood cuts were performed to dry quickly and prevent future damages.  The air movers and dehumidifiers were put in place to remove moisture and dry professionally. 

House Fire Damage in St. Charles

This home suffered from a significant fire loss.  The kitchen suffered from smoke and soot stain along with a loss of belongings. SERVPRO responded immediately and was able to restore this home back to pre fire conditions. 

Fire Damage after Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Geneva / Batavia can respond to your home or business after a fire.  They have trained technicians that come in and clean up water damage from fire fighting along with removing the smoke and soot damages. 

Commercial Drying System

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Geneva / Batavia has the techniques to dry your commercial property after a water loss.  They have trained technicians who can handle your restoration or cleaning needs in any circumstance.  They are trained to use special drying equipment like shown in this picture.

Mold Damage

SERVPRO has your mold needs covered.  Mold can spread quickly and can be in places you may never see.  SERVPRO has the right people trained and the right equipment ready for any of your mold needs. 

Severity of Mold

SERVPRO is called in any emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This is the aftermath of Mold damaging the ceiling after water damage. The teams are trained and knowledgeable of all treatments for mold.

Mold Damage to Ceiling

This is the result of water damage not getting cleaned in a timely manner and turning to mold.  SERVPRO specializes in getting damages cleaned up to prevent others.  The drywall in this room has to be tore down and treated.

Mold Containment

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia responded to this emergency with Mold.  The walls were covered in mold so the restoration team came in and tore drywall down and put plastic up on walls to contain the Mold to one room.

Damages to Kitchen after Fire

The aftermath of the kitchen in St. Charles.  The cabinets and counters were covered in smoke and debris from the fire. SERVPRO came to the house and helped home owners through the process of restoring the kitchen back.

Bedroom Mold Damage

This is a bedroom with severe water damage that turned into Mold on the walls from the damage. It is critical for SERVPRO to contain the mold to help keep from spreading to other rooms of the home. 

Structure Fire

SERVPRO assited in cleanup of fire after house was destroyed. The structure was burned to the ground. Clean up crews were sent out to look at damages then clean up crews sent out to pick up the debris. 

Fire Damages in St. Charles

This is the aftermath of a Fire in St. Charles.  The whole house was almost destroyed down to the structure.  SERVPRO was called out to help clean up the fire damages and help with insurance company.

Kitchen Water Damage

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia arrived at this house with water damage to the kitchen. They immediately began getting the water off the floor to keep from damaging the floor. The damages were to the cabinets and ceiling. 

Large Water Damage in St. Charles

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia /Batavia was called to this water damaged warehouse.  The water was causing significant damage to mattress inventory causing loss for the company. They immediately began water clean up and got the right equipment out for dry up.

House Fire

This was the aftermath of a house fire that SERVPRO was called to. The significant amount of fire damage was critical to getting the right team called out for quick response. The owner of the home were amazed at quick turn around times.

Flood in Illinois

SERVPRO was called to this home that was flooded after severe storm in Illinois. The water had damaged much of the floor and majority of the customers belongings.  The homeowners were amazed at the quick response to their home.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

SERVPRO of St. Charles / Genevia/Batavia was called to this customers home with severe water damages to the hardwood.  The water was raising quickly and needed to be cleaned up immediately to prevent any future damages to the hardwood. 

Flood Damages St. Charles

This was the aftermath of a storm damage that flooded their home in St. Charles.  There was water damage and items ruined. The owners were amazed how SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin clean up. 

Storm Damage in Chicago

This is a picture of a customers home in Chicago after severe storm damages.  Water covered the floors and flooded up onto the walls causing damages. SERVPRO started clean up quickly to ensure damages were contained.

Water damage cleanup

This picture is our team working on a water loss in St. Charles. We quickly extracted the water and got the drying equipment in place. After a few days the entire facility was dry and ready to reopen. 

Fire damage in a St. Charles Home

This home in St. Charles had a massive fire destroying most of the property. SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the inventorying and cleaning process. If you have any questions about fire damage restoration, feel free to reach out to our team at anytime. 

Large commercial warehouse

This commercial warehouse had a massive amount of water damage. SERVPRO was quick to respond and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water was removed, our teams began placing equipment to finish the drying process. 

Mold in Geneva, Illinois Home

This home had a water damage that was not tended to right away. When a home has too much humidity it can cause mold to grow, especially after a water loss.

Warehouse Drying

No matter the size of the loss SERVPRO of St. Charles has the experience and equipment to do the job. This warehouse had a water damage that needed immediate attention to remove the excess water. The main worry in this situation is that concrete can hold a lot of water causing humidity if dried out slowly.

Bell Graham Elementary School

This is a local elementary School in St. Charles, Illinois. SERVPRO of St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia received a call that several school rooms in this elementary school had flooded and were preventing lessons to continue until dried.

Bell Graham Elementary School

This is the Library of Bell Graham Elementary school in St. Charles Illinois during flood restoration. Our team was quick to respond and begin the extraction process. Once all of the water was extracted we placed air movers throughout the building to get dry. 

Barnes & Noble Schaumburg Illinois

This is a Barnes and Noble book store located in Schaumburg Illinois. SERVPRO received an emergency call on Friday evening and had the store cleaned and sanitized by that weekend to ensure store was up and running by Monday.

Herrington Inn & Spa Geneva Illinois

This was a picture taken after SERVPRO arrived at this Commercial Fire in Geneva Illinois.  Our crews worked to get the community boarded up to prevent any weather from getting into the building quickly causing more damages. 

SERVPRO St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia

This is the home location of SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team. We are located at the corner of Kirk Road and Tyler Road in St. Charles, Illinois at 1900 E Tyler Road, Suite 600.

Commercial Fire Eifeler Coatings St. Charles Illinois

Eifeler Coatings Technology called SERVPRO of St. Charles for fire mitigation due to an electrical fire in the fall of 2014. Our technicians were able to perform mitigation while Eifeler continued its daily operations without closing.

Commercial Flood Batavia Illinois

This is a picture of water loss in Commercial kitchen for senior living facility in Batavia Illinois. SERVPRO arrived and started extracting the water and used dryers to make sure the water was up off the floor and safe for employees.

Insurance CE Ethics CLass

We Do It for You

SERVPRO of St.Charles/Geneva/Batavia regularly holds courtesy continued education classes for insurance agents, adjusters, or property managers. We have hosted several CE classes in the last few years with continued success!

Large Water Loss

Commercial Services

Photo of 53-foot semi-trailer for SERVPRO commercial Disaster Recovery Team. Our team is equipped to handle any size loss. We can handle any size water or fire loss. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. 

Commercial Water Loss

We're Here to Help

This is commercial building located in St. Charles, Illinois had a sprinkler head break and flooded 60 percent of the facility. SERVPRO of St. Charles/Geneva/Batavia was able to respond right away as this facility is located right near SERVPRO.